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Introduction to Security CTF's (Capture the flag)

By Tummala Dhanvi (c0mrad3)

History of CTF

Percy Jackson and Annanbeth Chase

At Present

Summer Camps for fun and

Cyber Security

Coming to Security CTF

Types of CTF

  • Jeopardy-style CTFs
  • Attack-defence

Virtual Flag - Data

  • flag{1this_is_a_flag!}
  • flag{29529e062f1c02a07e43b0ca3c5f0f74}

Jeopardy Style

  • Teams don't compete with each other directly
  • Final Score


  • Binary Exploitation
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Crypto
  • Steagno
  • Recon
  • Web
  • Forensics
  • Programming ppc

Attack Defence

  • red vs blue
  • every one is red and blue

How to start ?

Form a Team

and CTF

InCTF by Amrita University

Questions ?